Make perfume in the style of Cleopatra. Create an African mask in the tradition of Njinga of Angola. Learn about how Catherine the Great dealt with a terrible bully in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg... and more.

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Veteran’s Day Workshop

NYC Public Schools are closed Nov. 11, so we're having a workshop. Sign up now! This workshop is limited to eight kids. We do two princesses per day. We start with a story about the princess and a break-the-ice craft, then dive into more activities as we explore her life and power. These can include more crafts, science projects, dress-up pretend play, and a theme-related snack. I supply these snacks (please alert me to any allergies). You send a lunch.   Through stories, crafts, games, science projects, and dress-up, kids learn about REAL powerful princesses in history from around the world. Powerful Princess was started by Erin Kelly. Erin is a local Brooklyn mom who read history at Yale and sought more empowered stories of princesses to share with her daughter.   We will feature NEW princesses along with some old favorites.   Please email with any questions. NOTE: the Paypal button is still buggy, so I don't recommend you use it yet. Send me an email to register your child, and we will take it from there regarding payment.   Maximum 8 children.  


Open to: GRADES K-3

Time: 9AM-3PM

Cost: $85 per day

Where: Workshops take place in Erin’s cozy townhouse 2 blocks from Carroll Park. There is a backyard with a trampoline for (carefully supervised) outdoor play. Children bring their own lunches, Erin supplies snacks.