The Proud Spot

February 25, 2016 @ 3:49 pm

The location: PS 29 in Cobble Hill.
The occasion: First day of a new semester of after school Powerful Princess class. New kids. Always the question: Will they get it?
The day’s princess: Njinga of West Africa.
Her challenge: Portuguese soldiers invading her land in the 1600’s. Other challenge: nagging, entitled little brother.
My story begins: Njinga practices her bow and arrow every morning. She’s a kid, but wants to help defend their land.
Her aim: To shoot the straightest arrow in the kingdom.
In the story, Njinga aims at a leaf on the tamarind tree. She pulls back her arrow. She lets it go, and hits it exactly! She feels so good.
I turn to the girls: “Do you know what that feels like?”
One first grader nods confidently. “Of course. You get a proud spot in your body. It feels warm, and then it starts to get bigger and starts to fill you up.”
I nod, and smile. There is nothing more to say. “The proud spot.” It made my day.